SidingReplacing your siding can improve the  curb appeal of your home.  JSC Exteriors installs a variety of materials and styles such as: vinyl, Hardie fiber board, cedar and other wood siding.  Our services include: new construction, installation, and replacement. As with all our work, our siding services are performed efficiently and we are mindful of our work’s impact on your family and neighbors.

We assist you with the best siding choice for your home based upon the exposure to the elements and other factors.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding which siding material to use are:

  1. Aesthetics – as your siding is one of the most visible and dominant features of your home’s exterior, it must appeal to you.
  2. Maintenance – there are trade offs in any decision and we help you weigh these. such as benefits of vinyl siding’s low effort maintenance versus the beauty of wood siding.
  3. Water Resistance – one critical factor in the life span of your siding is its water resistance properties.
  4. Durability – your selection needs to endure everyday wear and tear and resist the shifts in temperature in our Mid-Atlantic climate.

Some information on the types of siding we install:

  • Vinyl  is the best selling home exterior product because of it’s low maintenance and cost. Warranties are often for the life time of the product and they come in over 300 colors and a wide range of horizontal and vertical designs.
  • Wood is available in both natural wood (such as cedar) and engineered wood material which is less expensive than real wood.
  • Fiber cement (Hardie fiber) looks like wood but has better durability. This product is usually less costly than wood but more than vinyl. Factory painting is available.

JSC Exteriors can advise you on all the siding options available  and connect you to architects and designers if it is  necessary to draw up any changes.