Windows and Doors

windows and doors

Like everything else we do, for our windows and door services, JSC Exteriors only uses materials and manufacturers that we feel comfortable installing in your home and can stand behind.  After many years of hands on experience, we are confident in the windows and doors we recommend.

We will work with you to provide a wide range of quality windows and doors options that best fit your design needs and budget.

JSC Exteriors is respectful of your home and strives to minimize disruption to your routine during installation. We clean our work area so that your rooms are left in the same condition as when we started the work.

Why might you need new windows?

Replacing older windows and doors can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home. During winter months, you could be losing up 30% of the total heat loss from the leaky windows and in the summer, they could be causing a significant amount of inside heat gain. You can tell if these are issues by standing near the window and checking to see if you feel the cold or warm air coming through, depending on the season.  Other signs that your windows need replaced are if you notice a build up of condensation or even frost on the inside of the pane.

There are a variety of window materials but the most common types of windows are made of either wood or vinyl, each with their own advantages.

Wood insulates well, is strong and  in older homes fits in best with the architecture. It also requires more maintenance in painting and upkeep. Vinyl also is strong and has good insulation while not requiring painting maintenance.

JSC Exteriors will work with you to educate you on your window and door choices, so that you make a well informed decision.